Thursday, August 30, 2012

this close.....

when we moved into our new office, i mentioned more about it here,
there was lots of mid-century mod furniture left behind.

and some random other pieces.
this is one of those random other pieces.

i declared her mine and i'm taking her home.
(do you know how much i love free furniture? it's a sickness.)

she's going to be my new bar in my dining area.
the walls in there are so dark navy blue, they are legitimately almost black.

and i'm thiiiiiis close to painting her a shade of pink:

with neutrals it provides the right amount of umph. ya know?

and despite the use of it in my kitchen, and other pink things i've blogged about and love, i'm not a die-hard fan of every shade every time. in fact, i'm more often not a fan.

but this shade, this time...

i think it's about to happen.

and i bought a new lamp for it yesterday, too.
its the same neutral sandy-nude as the woman's shoes in the bottom picture.

in my head it's going to look fierce.
just hope it comes out to be as cute in reality.

pictures soon.

prob tomorrow or early next week because i'm pumped.


{images via: elled decor, lucy luacht, embellished glamour tumblr}

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