Friday, August 3, 2012

bad bad blogger.

i'm a terrible horrible person because i haven't taken a single photo of my kitchen to share with you as i had promised... like on 4 separate occasions.

this week there was actual rain.
we haven't had rain in 4503 months.
and the sky wasn't blazing with the sun, we had an actual cloudy day!

but some cloudy days = not the best situation to take pictures in my old little rancher.

and by the time i got home from work on the sunny days, it was still too dark in my wee little kitchen to take any sort of a descent photo and i'm too lazy to do that junk before work.

next week?

but i do have a new-to-me blog to share with you all.
and it might just be new to you too.

i just found it because pinterest had some of these photos that erin williamson just shared with her new house in austin. on the blog. check it.

i fell in love.

went to her blog and read back through months of posts (i love it when that happens!)
and is it corny to say that i think i just found my decor soul mate?

she rocks.

some examples:

this has just become the new inspiration for our master bedroom: 

i'm all over it.


there's some weekend reading for ya.

happy friday.

headed to the lake with my husband's family
and i'm excited.


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