Friday, August 10, 2012

flowers for friday #106

well, it's friday!!!

i have such a great story for you all.

last night husband and i went out to dinner.
it wasn't take-out, we actually went and sat and ate. it had been awhile. and it was great.

when we walked in, it was busy so we decided to cozy up to the bar and eat.
there was only one other man up there.

we ate. had a lovely meal.
in the mean time, that solitary man had left.

our bellies full, we ask for our bill.
the bartender smiled and said it had been taken care of.

we say, "huh?"

he says, "that man to your right, he took care of your bill."

we didn't know him. in fact we didn't even exchange words.
at one point our eyes met and i smiled.

that was all.

and then he bought our dinner.

so nice.
soo sooo nice.

hope for humanity again, right?

now it's our turn.
we're going to pay it forward.

it was such a lovely thought and it didn't go under appreciated by these 2!

have a great weekend.
go do something nice for someone else!!!!


{via house beautiful}


  1. oh my gosh. that story gave me chills! so sweet.

  2. Thats awesome! i've always wanted to do that at a drive through. Just pay for some random person in the line behind me.

  3. what a magical story! i love reading things like this. it's the little things that truly count. glad the both of you enjoyed an extra special evening out together! :)