Wednesday, June 20, 2012


my new fabric!

purchased for the pink kitchen.
going to use it reupholster my little 2-seater settee.

waverly's (sun and shade outdoor fabric)
'a new twist' in caviar. 

i just got it in the mail yesterday.
over the internet it looks like mostly gray and cream and black.
but in real life that darker gray stripe is actually a dark brown espresso color.
and the outdoor fabric should hold up better in my kitchen.
i don't have kids, but i do have a husband and a big brown dog :)

i initially found it online and new i'd like it with my newly painted walls. the colors online always make me nervous so i ran up to joann's where they had it in real life that i could touch. and feel. and hold in my hands. and the colors? loved them even more in person because i could actually see that brown stripe.

i could have just purchased it at joann's while i was there but it was $49.99 a yard. i did have a coupon that could have brought the price down to $19.99 which would have meant:
a total of $79.96 plus tax for 4 yards.
i knew i could sleuth out better.

went back online and found it on amazon and ebay, both listed for $22.99 a yard. not any better. amazon did have free shipping but ebay did not.
total $91.96 (plus tax. and shipping).

crossed my fingers and headed over to tonic living. ta da.
only $12.95 a yard and i had an online coupon for 10% off!
with shipping my total came to $60.87.
mucho better!!

so all in all...
i'm quite happy.

and this weekend imma reupholster that thing.

any good deals for you all lately??


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