Friday, June 1, 2012


this is what my desk looks like.

piles of pink paint chips.

it's a hard color my friends.
i've never felt so insecure with my choice of a paint color before. and even then, my choice changes from day to day. at this rate i may never paint my dumb kitchen.

as i was combing the internet for someone to just tell me what pink to pick, i saw this:

another one of those spaces seen twice after a little re-style--
more here and here.

this one you saw in my pink kitchen post.

but here's the same room with a little change up: 

see why pink is so hard?
with different lighting the color changes like magic.
evil-voldemort-hogwarts-style magic.

anyone have a favorite pink out there??


{images via martha stewart}

1 comment:

  1. Not sure if it helps you with the lighting issue, but... if you are considering a lighter color on a paint chip, take a look at the darkest color on the chip too... Because they are graduated, the darkest color will give you a sense of the "base," which is sometimes hard to tell with the lighter colors. (We learned the hard way while trying to choose the perfect turquoise paint! Too green, too blue, just right...)