Thursday, May 31, 2012

neon shoes.

neon is everywhere right now...
but its better than when i was growing up in the late 80s and early 90s...
am i right?
much better now.

but we have noen dresses, neon jewels, neon furniture, neon lights...
we even have neon trees:

 but what's caught my eye are the

and all the neon paint calling my name at home depot.
i finally decided what i wanted to use it on because of those shoes above i pinned months ago...

after spending too much time in home depot decided on which color, i grabbed the yellow and ran for the check out before i changed my mind again.

it went back and forth between the yellow and hot pink...

i had these old camel colored shoes from college that were nothing sacred.
they were from target.

with a faux wood heel just ripe for a little sprayin.

taped em up.
very careful to get all the non-neon parts covered perfectly.
most tedious step for sure.


and painted.
this is after the first light misting of the neon....
i was gettin reeeeel excited.

(this neon paint is not opaque in the slightest so it's really important to prime it white, so the neon has something to show up against. if i would have just sprayed it straight on the 'wood' part of the shoe, it wouldn't have worked half as well. fyi.)

it was getting dark so that's the end of the in progress shots...
i just sprayed a few more coats of a light misting until it was well covered.

i was so excited about them, this is what i sent my mom last night--

and the pictures don't even do the color justice.
it's dayglow.

and perfect.

so i wore em to work today :)

husband told me last night mid-spray that one day i will look back on this as one of the sillier things i've done... perhaps. but 1-- i love them right now. 2-- i don't really care. and 3-- i can spray them again if i so feel the need.

now what else can i spray neon?!




  1. Ahh, I have those same wedges! What a great idea. They turned out super cute.