Tuesday, May 8, 2012

room to an outfit

remember when domino used to do the room-to-an-outfit?
i truly loved those.

remember also when i posted the gorgeous-and-over-the-top-heaven-came-down-and-plopped-in-a-backyard backyard of hutton wilkinson, partner of the late tony duquette?

wilkinson and his wife have a new home that was featured in harper's bazaar.
(you can read and see the full spread here.)

hutton emphasized that this home was more restrained than his last.
it's every bit as opulent, guilded, and colorful... but you'll just have to go over there and see for yourself.

back to my room to an outfit....

here's wilkinson's bedroom.
i immediately fell for the aqua and mustard combo,
as in, where and how can i implement that in my house and wardrobe?

here's the same full color and full detail theory in a head-to-toe:
actually 2. because i couldn't decide between the floral top and the gold shorts.
so i chose both.

but i think the aqua sweater and gold shorts, and the floral top and the mustard jeans could be swapped, and it'd be just as lovely.


a little mustard yellow. a little aqua. some chinoiserie/wilkinson/duquette details with enough gold, coral, brocade, florals, and even a little tassel.  
i hope you have a fantastic tuesday.

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