Friday, May 11, 2012

cheeeeese balls.

but these cheese balls are not fried cheese balls...

they are baked cheese balls!!

(that means they're nonfat, right?)

seriously though, i just made these. i died.
they taste just like fried mozzarella cheesesticks.
as in, just like them.
you might even trick yourself and you're the one who made them.

to make some for yourself, i used this recipe and you can, too.

but all i used/all you need is some mozz string cheese. i got the 2% milk variety.
some skim milk.
some italian bread crumbs.

cut your cheese sticks into bite sized pieces, i got 4 per stick.
dip them in the milk and then roll them in the breadcrumbs.
that's all.

place them on a cookie sheet. i lined it with foil for no sticking.
bake them at 425 for 7-10 minutes.


this photo came courtesy of 'never trust a skinny chef' where the recipe hails from. i would have taken some myself but they. were gone.
they are so good.

go make yourself some!!!!!!!!!



  1. Um, those look amazing! And easy to make... too easy... once I try this recipe, I might make these all the time.

  2. Made them for a super bowl party this year. Big hit!

  3. YUM, these look great! I've nominated The Blue House for the One Lovely Blog award. Check out more info about the award here: Thanks for making me smile every day with your thoughtful posts and clever writing! :)

    1. Emily! That is so nice of you :) we're kinda thrilled!! And thank you for your nice words, they made my day... in a major way.

      Love! JILL