Wednesday, May 16, 2012

part deux.

my photo from earlier... as promised i'm back to share how it can be used as inspiration.
and apparently i was really inspired!
i just loved the colors.

dark olive green, white and cream, lavender, hint hints of pink and orange, and gold.

what's not to love?

so here's a bedroom to start with.

i am so in love with this army surplus green blanket. i'm getting one for my bed. stat.
from lots of places but i found one here. on an all white bed? scrumptious.

just add a few more accessories and a wall color change,
and we'd be good to go.

new wall paint: SW quiver tan.
this is the color of my bedroom now and i kinda love it.
it's brown, sometimes gray, sometimes a little army green.
awesome with white woodwork and wood floors.

rug from here.
ikat pillow from here.
pink velvet pillow here.
lamp here. but i changed it's color to lavender in ps... spray it!
lamp shade here.

i couldn't stop...
so here's my favorite outfit for spring.
long dress. the perfect cover for my white legs (and/or my un-shaven legs).
big shades.
and my dream hunter green prada bag.

kansas sunset

i love color.
did you know that?
do i try and throw it in your faces at least 3 times a week......maybe.
but i hope its gentle :)

happy wednesday, loves.


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