Thursday, May 24, 2012

prego glam.

i am so elated with the look and style of prego sessions popping up around the internet in the last year.

pregnancy is a miracle. no greater miracle can 2 measly little humans create in my opinion. so why not take that time of your life and create images, that 1-- make the mama look good at a time where she might not always feel so good, and 2-- document and have them forever.

no reason not to.

these sessions are so inspiring and are just a few of my favorites as of late. pinterest is a gold mine for such things :)

but photogs are turning out some serious glam with these bellies.
and i LOVE it.

kelly hicks.

amelia lyon.

this entire session kills me. kills.
by andria lindquist.

from kiss the groom.

onto baby.

via flickr.
and if you know who this photog is, please let me know!!

rylee hitchner.

the girls.

as much as i'm not a fan, this b.spears in harper's bazaar is so fantastico.

i only have one prego belly shoot on my books this summer and it's in july.
(can't wait, meg!!!)

but if you happen to have a bun in the oven and want some documentation, just go ahead and email me. i'm rill rill excited and have some ideas floatin around in my head and need another model or 7.



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