Monday, May 21, 2012


so as i said, i was at the lake this weekend. and all i did was paint.

i touched up all the white hand rails on the huge top deck.
i finished painting a new piece of furniture for our tv in the kitchen. i'll share that later.
i touched up a closet where we removed a shelf.
my dad finished painting the upstairs deck this same royal blue color as the picture above. this is a photo of the lower deck (the only photo i took all weekend). but i also painted the dingy white swing a cool shade of minty-light blue, behr teal ice to be exact.

everything looks so fresh and ready for the start of summer......

but we also picked something else up while we were down there.

my dog got fleas.

i'm freaking out.
i've vacuumed my whole house. doing lots of laundry. we bathed her last night at midnight with flea shampoo. poor thing.

she even had her flea and tick medicine on but i don't think it's doing/did its j-o-b.

i have been hearing this summer is going to be awful with all sorts of bugs because of our mild winter, but now i believe it.

so gross.

so sorry i don't have any more fun pictures.

the fleas ate them.



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