Monday, May 14, 2012

block prints.

i trust that you all had a very happy mother's day.
i hope all you mothers out there got a chance to smooch your babies, old or new!

these were supposed to be the flowers on friday...
and i forgot. wah wah.

better late than never i guess.

back to the regularly scheduled monday.

so this weekend, i got to read up on some old issues of veranda while staying at my mother in law's. she always has the best magazines, i look so forward to it :)

but i found this page in the may issue:

re-affirmed my obsession with indian block printed fabric.
color and pattern just ripe for mixing and layering.

unfortunately, (especially coming from veranda) all of these were significantly out of my price range. like les indiennes, i have been in major love for years but some of that fabric costs as much as my first car. not really, but it's monday and i'm dramatic.

so i've had these 2 resources saved under my favorites tab for awhile and i thought i'd share the wealth. one you've probably seen elsewhere, one maybe not.

they are also hand-blocked, in gorgeous color, and light-years more affordable.
hip hip!!

the only downside i see is that this fabric is thin.
so no upholstery prospects.
but pillows, light curtains, bedding, little baby dresses... you betcha.

these first come from a little gem i found only available online:

site looks a smidge sketch. and i haven't purchased from them, so i can't give any recommendations.... just a glimpse of their beautiful stuff. and i'm sure it's fine. i will let you know if i purchase anything in the future.

some of my favesies:



my absolute favorite out of everything today!!!
neon orange and pink. you better believe it.
will be living at my house. somehow, someway.
'orange fuchsia floral'





also one of my favorites,
'white floral'

this next bunch comes from saffron marigold.

i don't think they sell fabric by the yard but i have purchased a table cloth before from anthro just for the fabric, and it isn't a bad idea at all. especially here- they have curtain panels, duvets, and table cloths of all sizes... which means you could get lots of yardage for not alot of price.

'paisley au lait'

'wedding day'

'vanilla glace'

'moonlit taj'

but hurry, this one is discontinued.

another piece of gorge.
'morning dew'

see, with a little bit of searching and creativity, you can get every bit of the les indiennes look without taking out a new mortgage ;)

happy monday,

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