Thursday, May 3, 2012

gold dot globe diy.

we've all seen this image from lonny.

gorgeous rubie green fabric headboard and that kate spade gold dot vase.

i had an old globe vase and some gold paint. so i thought i just might be able to make one for myself.
the original kate spade version is (expensive) but also discontinued.

so i got out my supplies:
gold leaf paint from hobby lobby, small paint brush, my (washed and thoroughly dried) vase, some contact paper and my circle cutter thing, also from hobby lobby.

cut out some circles in the contact paper.
then cut out around those circles to apply to the vase.

did that, and then painted them gold.

the gold isn't as shiny as the original but i don't totally mind that. besides, that's near impossible. that paint doesn't exist, i've come to the conclusion.

some paint genius out there needs to come up with the perfect shiny metallic gold paint. especially in a spray form. i still have yet to find one that i love and i have done my fair share of research/trials.

and the after:

(just got instagram for my droid!)

using peonies from my backyard.

i like it! and what i like even more.... this project cost me absolutely positively $0.
i had everything already. and i took something that i used (especially during peony season) and made it a smidge better with more character and charm.

here's another plain old globe that could use some dots, dontcha think?:

i actually did this diy this winter but have been waiting for my peonies to bloom to show you.... but while i was waiting, i saw this over at things that sparkle blog.

oh the possibilities!!!
i hoard decanters so, hmm.

or this one:

big polka dots with glass etching cream.

soo many ideas floatin around in my head.

happy thursday everyone.
i'm excited to say today's my last day of work this week...

i'm headed down to see my cousin's TWINS being born tomorrow!
crazy happy for them and more than excited to hold the little nuggets.




  1. Love this project! So cute!

  2. Jill....I'm an old friend of Ellle's. Martha Stewart makes a paint thats metallic and it comes in gold,silver,etc. You can buy it at's great, I use it all the time. Great project though!...I may have to try this!

  3. i will be copying this! love love love it