Tuesday, June 5, 2012

from morning til night

there is so much beauty in nature.
if we take the sun, the moon and the stars alone artists could have enough material for the rest of time.

i have said it here before but i was a biology major in college for the sole reason that i think nature is beyond fascinating. no human will ever know everything there is to know. astronomy is a realm of that that sort of scares me because of how big it is, but it sure is beautiful.

if i ever have a little boy, i can certainly imagine one or two of these hanging in his room:

(i don't have good sources for all of these unfortunately, because alot of them i've saved over the years from flickr)


archiewahwah tumblr




map of the northern constellations



and this one is by far and away my favorite.
i want it bad.
part nature. part rock n roll. equal parts awesome. 
this will hang on a wall in my house.
found it on we heart it.
and unfortunately i cannot find it anymore.
but i'm not done searching.

*some of these are from one of the cooler sites on the web.
nasa has a site that displays a picture a day, astronomy related, and then explains it a little. they've been doing it since 1995 and i think that's pretty rad.

love you guys to the moon and back.


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