Wednesday, June 6, 2012


i have been looking for a rug for my front, dark navy blue room for awhile now.

i have one in there but the colors are really muddy and its bringing me down folks. so one with less muddy, more cheerful colors are mandatory.

muddy rug will now go live in the pink kitchen
(that still is colorless bc i still haven't picked a pink!)

of course there are lots of options on ebay for gorge rugs from across the ocean but i have to be really honest, i'm nervous to do that. what if it gets here and its gross. i think i would have to get it cleaned any way, even if it looked clean. who knows where it lived before it got to my house. and that isn't a problem... my problem is that i don't know where to take it here in kc.
if you know, spill it.

so yesterday, i was reading yhl and they just got a rug from urban outfitters.
a place quite useful for less muddy, more cheerful rugs apparently.

i found this one.
and its only $64!

perfect. i wanted the said rug to include some orange and a little little bit of pink.
this one has more than a little but i like it!

so i read the specs and reviews and...
here's my next problem:

its painted on.

not sure how i feel about that. obviously you pay for what you get.
its only $64.
how durable would that be? dont know.
but for that price, i can live with it until it doesn't look great and then it was a life well lived for a $64 rug (hopefully).

so i'm going to get it.
and if i don't like it immediately, i'll return it.
but i'll let you know when it gets here!!!


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