Wednesday, June 27, 2012

vogue living

another house tour!!

2 things i love:

1-- vogue pieces on people's homes... vogue photography and crazy awesome interiors. win.
2-- whole house articles. i love me a room here, room there. but the whole thing really shows you how someone lives and i like it.

here's one i just saw and salute, for her use of color and eclectic art. fantastic.

kyle dewoody.
co-owner and creative director of grey area.
an online shop turned pop-up shop out in the hamptons.

i'll take that brass greyhound and the over-dyed hot pink rug, thank you.

do you like seeing where people live as much as i do?
or am i weird?

i'm actually getting kind of frustrated with elle decor lately because they only show 2-4 photos from someones home. really? that's not enough. i don't think they've been enough as a whole lately, so they're on my s-list :)



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