Monday, June 25, 2012

pancakes. with bacon.

this weekend i was stuck inside editing photos all weekend long. both days. just trying to get caught up. and i did... so it was worth it, but dang.

and it was such a glorious and hot weekend.
would have been better spent by the pool.

so husband perked me up by making dinner on saturday.
we refer to it as b-for-d. or breakfast for dinner.

we had pancakes and eggs and bacon.

except we put the bacon inside the pancakes
such as zees:

(from martha)

i saw this on pinterest.
(where else?)

the key tip we came away with: cook your bacon strips in a pan, or however you cook it i guess.... just pre-cook it in a separate spot from your pancakes. all the way. pancakes don't take long so it won't burn your bacon or anything.

#1-- it keeps the excess bacon grease away from what you're about to eat.
#2-- the raw bacon wouldn't cook fast enough on your griddle with the pancakes together.

the second tip: cook your bacon on the crispy side. it makes it easier to cut/eat when you finally get around to stuffing your face with your bacon pancakes.

but oh man.
it was like 2 good things coming together to make an even better little bacon-pancake baby.

i have this saved on pinterest too:

apparently it works with waffles, too.
next time.

happy monday.

did you get to enjoy being outside this weekend? i'm jealous.


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