Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sing with me:

....these are a few of my favorite things.

my pinkness. i am not fully finished so no final shares yet but there was a whole lot of pink going on in my kitchen last night. more here and here and here.

if i am ever lucky enough to have my very own pool in my very own backyard oasis, it will certainly have a little shape and spunk to it such as this:

good lord. how amazing!?
geometric pools are the new round. and rectangle. and oval.

let's talk about the super wedge. super tall that is.
with pattern and color to boot.

top ones are old from vicky's.
but the bottom ones are only $30 from target!
i haven't seen them in person but i'm tempted to snag them online.
super cute with a pair of shorts.
like a mexican fiesta for your feet.

and then this: 

i saw this photo on pinterest the other day and almost died.
all three of these ladies nailed it but the one on the right is amaze-ing.

red shoes. heather gray tee. jewels.
and a floral, full length, full skirt, covered in a layer of tulle.
i die.
i die for the whole shabang.

i guess those are just a few of my current favorite things.
{did i just make a favorites post that didn't include anything cake, cookies, candy or champagne?! hoozah.}

oh, i got my rug from urban yesterday, too.
jury's still out. but it definitely won't be making any favorites list.

happy middle of the week.


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