Friday, June 8, 2012

brush strokes

you've seen them everywhere in glossies, and online.

(via habitually chic)

(via elle decor)

(via lonny)

but james nares is my hero.

he uses a single brush in a single color and a contraption-suspension-thingy he made himself.

i read once that he uses pigment and wax to get that transparent flowy movement.

and these:

most of which he makes himself.

he has said that 'brushes are like characters: each one does a different dance".

the ones particularly toying with my emotions:

the iridescent pigments on a dark background.

the other day christine from bijou and boheme asked what you'd buy if you won the lottery.... there are lots of things that i say i'd do if i won the lottery but buying an original james nares is at the top.

i'd treasure it.

fo sho.


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