Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pink kitchen part 1

i picked my paint last night! hoorah.

i ended up going with glidden's red grapefruit that i had color matched in behr eggshell.
went home and splotched some on the walls.
and i love.

but i decided white woodwork would make it look a little too sweet and saccharine. i needed a man color (said in a deep voice).

so i headed back to home depot and picked up this:

behr wheat bread.
it's a healthy mousy-gray-tan.
like coffee with alot of milk in it.

whatever you call it, i was geeked out. this is me sitting in the parking lot with a huge dorky smile on my face. i sent this picture to my husband and he sent this back:

speaking of my husband, he's the man. a real man's man. the best man. the kind of guy who says 'sure' when his wife broaches the subject of a pink kitchen. i honestly thought there would be a little persuading to do, but there was none. not even an 'are you sure?'. just said ok.
he has to eat there too. and make his coffee there, everything there. just like me.
he's the best.

but here's the woodwork that was marked for paint.
i went around the window, the door frame to the garage and the door frame to the dining room.
we're leaving the cabinets au naturale.

and i really apologize for the sucky pictures. i think the lens on my phone was dirty.

and after a new latte life in high gloss:

this makes me so happy! it looks so much better than the before. why does it always take you so long to get at a project when you know the end is going to be light years better than the befores? that always kills me.

it got dark before i could start on the pink.
there was a break for dinner and then the bachelorette and then a walk with my dog.

husband's going to the royals game tonight, and i have a date with a gallon of pink paint.

more tomorrow.


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