Thursday, June 14, 2012

spin art

remember these 2 from domino?

{and i have exhaustedly searched the dumb internet for the designer's house this is in, and nothing. i can see his face. i can picture his hallway full of vintage american flags. i can see his lady partner. i know they are a team. i know he lives in CA and she in NY. what are their names!?!?!? tell me if you know and we're best friends.}

{just kidding. i just found it. it's amy kehoe and todd nickey. it's todd's!! phew. that is so maddening.}

and this one from miles redd. 

he made it himself and took it to have enlarged.

and how he's moved his spin art into the pink room i am nuts for:

but i really like spin art.
i had one as a kid.

i spun art like the best of them.
them my spinner wore out.
i wore out the spinner.

not kidding you.
 i went to amazon the other day about to get another.
i didn't. thought maybe i should wait until i have kids :)

but damien hirst had a go with spin art.

so did this designer (again, unknown. i'm sorry.)

but this lovely lady uses a plain old salad spinner.
go here for the tutorial.
could be fun. with our without your own children!

the colors rock.
i could hang this on my walls!

did you guys have a spin art set, too?
i think it was a right of childhood in the late 80s and early 90s.



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