Thursday, June 21, 2012

just plain pretty.

i would lump all of these rooms together to make my perfect dream of a house. and then some of course.

a perfect living space.
complete with sky blue walls. old oil paintings, textures and patterns, a pretty rug and kinda giant lamps.

{house and garden}

this bath.
i love for lots of things.
all the things actually.
i think i would only add a patterned rug and call her good.

{elle decor}

this kitchen.
look at the interior wall of windows. stunning.
but the color of those cabinets and the colorful ikat set table? i die.

{via coco + kelley}

and lastly, my bedroom.
with lavender walls and indian block fabric.
and a pair of glass murano lamps.

{house and garden}

and then.
this illusive little brass teapot that i've been looking for since 1999.
really only since christmas but that's what it feels like.

i begin to think they don't exist and then i see evidence such as below.

just look how pretty she is:

from pinterest. with no lead to go on.

happy thursday and thanks for taking a tour of my dream home with me.



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