Monday, February 14, 2011

fiesta de color

let's take a little trip down south for a tasty color explosion. our weather right now seriously, is just what the doctor ordered in terms of my mental health... and i am all about color {even more than my usual every other day obsession ;) }

the above images are making me long for sunshine and cocktails on a beach, but even more than that, the color used rocks my socks. they're from the latest australian vogue, via coco + kelley

and a fruity cocktail never hurt anyone either. citrus colors always send me back to mexico or long days at our lake house. either way, they = sunshine in my opinion.

mexican papel, via everythingfab

seeing how it is valentine's day, i thought i'd also let you in on a little somethin somethin. it's no secret. but i have a soft spot for the country in my corazon because it's the place i met my husband!

that and i like their beers. kidding. it's just for the fate that brought me to meet my husband. kidding. sorta.

we were 2 high school seniors from different parts of kansas on a spring break trip, not knowing when we arrived that we'd be meeting the person we were going to marry. ahh. so romantic right? haha.

it was cute and innocent and we were besties until we started dating a couple years later. the rest, as they say is history.

here's us on a trip back to cabo, 5 years later to the day we met.

i like him. and plus-- it's a good story for the grand kids ;)

on a side note totally unrelated: here's my 2 cents on the grammy's.

a) i was totally obsessed with gwyneth's outfit. the uni, her shoes, her hot pink feathered earrings. delighted. not to mention her vocal talent. is there anything this woman can't do? honestly.
b) still not sick of this song so it was awesome x 2.

cee lo green with gwyneth.

and lastly. the opening tribute to aretha franklin by these ladies was
amaze. ing.

now that is singing... (take notes mylie cyrus)
(and mylie fans, don't get upset. just my opinion)

florence welch, jennifer hudson, christina aguilera, martina mcbride, and yolanda adams.

whatever your plans, with whomever they are with... i hope you have a great day.


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  1. missed "the blue house" blog while i was away ... this post ... loved the colorful clothes, pics from mexico (i am so ready to go back right now), the awesome story of you and your hubby (plus the adorable pic) ... and totally agree with everything you said about the grammys :)