Thursday, February 24, 2011

a minor confession...

i must admit i am still an idol watcher. yes, i know, i can't believe it either, but i just can't quit...and miss j. lo doesn't make it any easier. i love her sensitive input and normal it pathetic that i have had tears welling in my eyes for the past 4 episodes (poor jaycee). keep your negative responses to yourself please :)

idol fan or not this gucci ad for their children's line that launched in october should make anyone a jennifer fan (and who can resist those adorable twins of hers). gucci has partnered with unicef to pledge US $1 million to unicef’s “schools for africa”.

let's touch base in march and see how we all feel about idol (go paul mcdonald!!).



  1. Oh to have her trainer, chef and make-up artist everyday! Her children are darling! I don't watch idol much but have checked out a few bits here and there. I love Gucci though!

  2. I utterly disagree. if she keeps this up her kids should be on drugs by the age of 10! Bad mommy skills!
    Keep the kids away from the limelight!

  3. SHhhhh... I am an Idol watcher too :)

  4. Don't worry...Tommy has been crying at almost every episode. Honestly, J.Lo is doing a great job and I just love how sparkley and shiny she is...ahh bronzer.