Wednesday, October 20, 2010

vieques...the perfect cure for the winter blues

i know. how can you think about the winter blues with this gorgeous, invigorating, brisk, autumn weather? i agree, but you will be thanking me when february comes and you are wearing the same boots, hat, coat, scarf and ear muffs you have been wearing for three months.

i just recently learned about the fabulous island of vieques from a friend. and i am quite intrigued.

with more than a dozen pristine beaches where white sands unfurl into forever. the dazzling caribbean sea that laps under softly swaying palm trees.

pretty fishing villages lightly abuzz with the rhythm of an afternoon salsa. vieques island is puerto rico's best-kept secret where unspoiled shorelines and laid-back living have come to get away from it all.

and the newly opened w retreat and spa vieques is ready to host you.

so put this in your back pocket. and remind me how great it is when you get back in march...

to plan your trip visit this vieques site for everything you need to know to lay low and live the island life...for a few days.

you may never come back.

i might just join you...


island details and photos via w vieques


  1. how beautiful ... i have never heard of this place, but would love to go there right now! and, as you said, i may never come back :)

  2. Now doesn't this just look like the perfect honeymoon destination!!