Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a halloween wedding

its getting closer to halloween so i can FINALLY post this wedding and share all the goodness with you.

i have loved it from the day i saw it over at oncewed. LOVED IT... you can read more about it here: oncewed.

the bride and groom are artists/musicians and their entire wedding busts at the seams with delicious details and special touches.

the bride designed her dress with a black and white striped bow... which she carried throughout the rest of the decor in honor of halloween without being theme-y (and i think it's fab-u-lous).

she also used bright and beautiful colors with a hint of fall in the flowers, which, can i tell you i love them as well?

very fun sparkly chrisitan louboutins that hint at the 'dress-up for halloween' factor.

i like how they used pumpkins but didn't necessarily scream halloween... not a jack-o-lantern in site :)

the bridesmaids, with a little direction, were allowed to choose their own dress, the tights add a little cohesiveness.

(they are a striking couple)

the reception was held at the marvimon house in l.a.

the bride had collected a wide variety of vessels for the flowers from anthropologie, luna bazaar, old mason jars and other vintage tabletop pieces.

during the reception, they passed out masks, glow-in-the-dark accessories, and other fun props for another nod to halloween.

in place of a cake, they had a dessert table including cupcakes topped with toy ballerinas and pirates the bride found at a knick knack store.

the details just knock my socks off every time i look at this wedding. it looks like they had fun during the planning and made it enjoyable for their guests.

i hope you enjoy it as much as i do ;)


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  1. so fun ... perfect timing ... love your eye for great pictures and fun events ...