Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a joyful moment...

my favorite moment at a wedding is the moment when these two people who are madly in love with one another get to begin this new journey together.
it is such a true moment. a universal moment. an irreplaceable moment. a spiritual moment.
a moment expressing what the entire day is all about. a moment to say thank you. a moment to smile. a moment to tear.

a happy moment.

a moment to remember. a moment to hope. a moment to hold hands.

a warm moment. an unforgettable moment.
a surreal moment.

a joyful moment.



  1. I feel like you are reading my mind! Heading to a wedding this weekend and was just thinking of this exact thing today... the ceremony exit is always a wonderful moment!

  2. Yea - Emma and Merritt made it into The Blue House. And I loved seeing yours and Greysons' wedding photo too. And...Happy "Nowe you are an Aunt"Day! Congratulations. Wendy