Thursday, October 7, 2010


while shopping in an antique store awhile back, i came across a butterfly framed between 2 pieces of glass for only $2! i snapped it up and it was mine.

sarah jessica parker's hamptons bathroom

science is my favorite subject, always has been. i minored in biology in college even. i love all of earth's natural curiosities, and science and nature go hand in hand.

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i most definitely love my little $2 butterfly, especially since in my mind, i pretend it died of natural causes before someone slapped her between two pieces of glass :)

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via full house

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map of the world's butterflies


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i like all sorts of stuff from nature... crystals, geodes, skulls and bones (weird i know, i would have found home in the victorian era) but i think God must have known what he was doing when he made butterflies.

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a kishani perera design

around here, butterfly migration season is coming to a close. you can still see a few monarch and yellow butterflies flitting around but this time of year always makes me smile.

via the evolution store in nyc (which i want to visit someday!)

the butterfly room in australia

they are just some of life's best dressed little creatures.

i hope to keep adding to my butterfly collection little by little.


the etsy store mentioned above sells lots and lots of mounted butterflies : BugUnderGlass

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