Friday, October 29, 2010

it's mwa-ha-ha-ha-halloween!

i have a grown-up halloween party inspiration for you today. my mom's annual party is tomorrow and we've had lots-o-fun coming up with ideas this year.

i could kick myself that i didn't buy this skull cocktail shaker when i had the chance last year! it was on sale at pottery barn in december for like 6 bucks. i passed and shouldn't have. what a great addition to your party's bar.

these free downloadable labels are from martha.

bone cookies made of merengue.

the queen of halloween herself.

glasses from target.... a creepy red cocktail would be appropriate, don't you think?

did you all know there is black vodka and black tequila now that does this to your cocktails? new to me. (looks healthy though, doesn't it?!)

the perfect, creepy coffin-and-skeleton party invites from martha.

glam bones :)

(remember my front door post? this is a great reason to paint it orange!)

the coolest vodka bottle around. i have one on my bar all year long :)
dan akroyd's crystal skull vodka.

a halloween party is the perfect excuse not to polish your silver!

(again, cool to have around all year in my opinion)

and drum roll please.................

this year for halloween, my husband and are going to be this:

we're pretty geeked out about it ;)

happy halloween everyone!


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