Monday, December 31, 2012

pop. fizz. clink.

the glitz and sparkle of new year's is always my favorite.

i don't usually enjoy going out out tonight because of the cost, and i'm cheap :)
but i love a party at home!!

{i've never hosted myself, and its something i'd really like to do.
next year's my year. mark your calendars.}

camille styles and kate spade worked up a little party inspiration for us all. and if i were to throw a nye party, i'd certainly hope it looked at least a smidge this glam:

^  those are screaming my name.

i. will. be. having a white russian milkshake tonight.
vanilla ice cream with vodka and kahlua poured on top.
holy yum.

but i guess the party decor isn't 100% crucial to a great nye party.
this might be:

because who needs food?
just kidding.
i like food.
this is the fridge you have out in your garage.

but i'm actually really excited about my plans tonight.
going out with my dude, to a little get together.
i have a most fantastically badass outfit planned.
the snow just started here in kc and it's unloading...
not planned to stop until tomorrow morning!
and i really am planning on a white russian milkshake.

white russians, snow, sparkles outfit = awesome.

{if my outfit turns out half as cute as i'm hoping, i'll share on instagram : @jabarrier. follow.}

happy new year's everyone!!!

see you bright eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning ;)


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