Monday, December 10, 2012


have you seen the neiman marcus/target collection?
i went into target friday night (big exciting friday night plans, huh? :)
...for dog food.

and left with a whole bunch more than dog food.

they have some great stuff right now, and not just with the nm collection.

i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw the marchesa dress for little girls.

wouldn't it make a killer winter wedding flower girl dress?
and for $99, it's probably the same price as the way less cute, run of the mill one you'd get at david's bridal or somewhere equivalent. but its marchesa.

if you are getting married in the next 3 months,
and you have a flower girl or 3 without anything to wear...
jump on this:

with some white tights..... and maybe a fluffy white cardi. i die.

i kinda also want the gold cocktail shaker.

and if i also had a little girl who took her lunch to school...
she'd be taking it in this from tory burch.

happy monday.

and your flowers from last friday are on their way.


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