Thursday, December 6, 2012

one of my dreams.

i have lots of dream houses.
lots and lots of dream ideas floating around in my brain.

but when i saw this house in greenwich, done by jeffrey bilhuber...

i thought to myself, "self, that is one of your dream homes."

hands down.

i have said this before but when it comes to my own house and making my own decisions, i get sceeered. i know what i would want to do but then i chicken out and do a little bit less. then i see spaces like these and i think, why the hell not? i shouldn't care an ounce about what others think because they don't live there, we do. and if we are happy, then our home has fulfilled its duty.

but seriously. i want to raise my kids in an environment as
colorful and creative as this.

i'll stop talking and get you on to looking.
but it's good.

(and you'd never gather it was that spunky from the outside)

(this kitchen is my favorite!)

all very traditional shapes.
but done in a not so traditional colorway.

bright blues and purple.
orange and yellow.
pink. red.
toned down in toile and stripes and florals, with different shades of brown.

i could go on and on.
it's pretty great.

and as for my sparkly gift guide i had ready for you this morning...
my computer and i aren't on the best terms as of late, because it ate it.
it's nowhere to be found.
not in the folder where i left it last night.
not in the 'recycling bin'.
so i'll re-gather those things and hopefully have it for you tomorrow.
stupid thing.

happy thursday.


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