Thursday, December 27, 2012

new dolls in town.

i have my cousin's 2 baby girls in the family.
one is 2, the other is 7 months.

you know my obsession with making dolls, as seen here,
so a day before christmas i decided i wanted to make some to give to the girls.
i love the ones jenny komenda made so i modeled them after hers.

i used only fabric i had in my stash, only running to hobby lobby for the pink and purple felt.
i think i was most excited for their hair :)

i didn't know exactly how the first one would turn out so i didn't even pause to take a photo. just when it was 80% finished.

i was kinda in love.
so i rushed to make the second.

as you know, i like color. and i like pattern. and i kinda like it when those two things are crazy and not totally matching, alot. so that's what i did.

once i get to a point where i'm almost finished, i get scared to do anything else for fear that i'll ruin the good thing i have going. so i almost left them without a face... but my mom thought that might creep the girls out.
so i pushed on to make their faces.

and i actually thought i ruined them, with those with those big, blank, hollow eyes... but waited until they had a mouth to decide if i needed a re-do... 

and thankfully, that's all that was needed.
a cute little, french, pink, puckered pout.
(made with a sharpie. i almost lost it, because what's more permanent than a permanent marker?)

getting packaged up to meet their little ladies.



they loved them.
and so did my cousin :)

did you all have a great christmas?

were there any homemade dolls amongst you?



  1. I love the dolls and would totally buy two for my twin 2 year old girls if you were willing to make. They are adorable and would look great on their new big girl beds!

  2. emily! email me! i would love to do that :)


  3. I emailed your account, look forward to hearing from you!