Monday, December 17, 2012

gilded little guy.

with tassles.

i finished my pom pom garland this weekend!! i just have to wait for some daylight to shoot it, and then i can share. it's the only diy i had for decor this christmas and i'm pretty pumped about it.

i wouldn't mind, however adding these to the mix.

there are tutorials all over pinterest with clever and awesome things you can make with plastic little animals. i wanted to make these cut in half, gold magnets you see everywhere, so i bought some online. a whole package for 2 bucks.

should have known because when they got here, they were the little ones. too small for magnets but they are still going to be used, because now i'm going to make them into birthday candle holders.

these ornaments (you can find the whole tutorial here)
are looking really fun.

i might just do it, but time's running out so we'll see if it happens.
does anyone know the best place to get some good animals?

happy monday.


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