Monday, December 24, 2012

hot chocolate and marshmallow... men.

i just made these cookies and wanted to share in case you're sitting around wandering what cookies you could be making on this christmas eve....

my mom and i made these hot chocolate cookies with marshmallow filling.
they're a big hit.

mix all your stuff together.

and... here's the stuff to mix together.

(we just bought whole almonds and pulsed them in the processor until they were ground. i'm sure you can buy ground almonds at whole foods or something. and i bet a magic bullet would do the trick if you don't have a food processor.)

roll out thin. recipe said 1/16".
they're going to be sandwich cookies!


we used an old teeny tiny lil copper gingerbread man.
he felt festive.

they're awesome because they hardly spread when baked.
i'm always looking for recipes that don't spread.
here's a chocolate one in case you are, too.

make little sandwiches with your men, or any other shape you picked,
with marshmallow frosting.

1 cup room temp butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 7oz. jar of marshmallow fluff

cream butter in mixer until fluffy.
add sugar, mix.
then add fluff.
pipe it out.

we tried using just the fluff for the middle as the recipe suggests, but it spreads and is really sticky-messy.

we googled and found the marshmallow buttercream above, and it was perfect.
on your cookie, or your finger.

they are 'hot chocolate' cookies but it's really just a glorified name for a chocolate cookie. there's no hot chocolate involved. but i'm not mad.

they taste delicious and were/are a big hit.

merry christmas eve!!


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