Thursday, December 13, 2012

tail feathers.

yay or nay?

because i'm definitely a yay.

with a side disclaimer: (just like with my fur coats and deer head, etc....) they should be purchased as vintage, or handed down. because then it's better to end up on me/my walls where i will cherish the thing, than in a landfill. or, they should die of natural causes, such as old age, or dysentery (kidding). and then you might as well use what God gave you (like mounted butterflies).
that is where i stand on that. always have. always will.

these birds are just so pretty.

hotel st. cecilia in austin

jeffrey bilhuber


unknown (unfortunately, bc from the look of it, i'd probably love this whole house.)

there was a house 5 minutes from our house growing up, that had peacocks and llamas and a few other exotics as pets. they had a huge yard, with gorgeous landscaping. and then these animals just walking around like yard art. but you could tell they were loved as a part of the family. whenever we were close, my brothers and i would always ask to drive by real slow and we'd stare. its still there. i haven't driven by in a long long time. but i'm hoping other kids enjoy it as much as i did.

maybe that's where my fascination started.

happy thursday.


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