Thursday, December 20, 2012


i've had a tough time with what happened last friday.
i know it wasn't the first time, but i pray to God it's the last.
i've had multiple nightmares since.
the last of which was last night.

they're awful.
and i wake up and am filled with the same empty sadness i felt on friday.
i don't know if its the age and innocence of the children, or the upcoming holiday.
i definitely know it has alot to do with the senselessness of the whole thing.

i don't want to come on here and be a debbie-downer
but all week, i've had a hard time coming on here and being my usual sugary-sweet, life-is-good-self.

i'm taking stock of my life,
hugging everyone a little tighter,
smiling a little bit more at people walking by,
and making sure those whom i love, know it.

no one can make any sense of what happened or why,
i'm just praying for everyone involved.
time on earth is far too short.

live it up.
and love.
love alot.
show evil and violence who's boss.

{and vote for tighter gun restrictions.
because these things don't need to happen.}


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