Tuesday, November 1, 2011


did everyone have a good halloween?

i wasn't going to get dressed up but when the little nuggets started showing up at the door, i couldn't resist. i went into my costume stash from the sorority days and pulled out a terribly awful vintage dress, threw on a giant tangled black wig, tons of blue eyeshadow and neon pink lips... and went as pretty. i kinda thought it clever. husband thought i was h-o-t-t.

moving on. which, i cannot believe this... christmas season has already started apparently. i was seeing and hearing christmas commercials this weekend. what happened to halloween, then thanksgiving, THEN christmas?

i really like thanksgiving.
i like the food and the thought of being consciously thankful.
there is still beautiful fallness going on outside. as soon as those leaves are off the trees, that's when i can get excited for christmas.

this month i will try to be more consciously thankful.
of the big things but more importantly, the small things that get left behind on the i'm-thankful-for list.

i'm thankful for warm things to snuggle in that are also extremely attractive :)

example 1:

i think i may try my hand at dip bleaching a plain old heather gray sweatshirt.
blah to rad.

example 2:

this sweater from j.crew.
so you can wear your heart on your sleeve huge on your chest.

i'm also thankful for each and every one of you.


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