Tuesday, November 22, 2011


this project cost me a whole whopping $12.
less than!

my dad purchased an office building a couple of months ago to move his office into. it came with some office furniture... midcentury modern gorgeousness actually.

and then there was this.
it was stuck back in the back, covered in dust and grime.
the original upholstery (prob purchased in the 80's sometime) was ripped in the front.

i told him i could try and reupholster it for him.
he said i could just have it.
so i took it home, and husband gave me one of those looks,
like- why are you bringing that into our house?

picures are actually making it look better than it did in real life.

months ago, i stumbled upon this fabric that was cute enough...
but it was only $3 a yard so i bought 10 yards of it. why not really? it was $3.
i thought i'd reupholster my grandma's wingback in it but i am saving up my courage and strength for that job. so i decided to use it for this project.
it took less than 4 yards to do the whole thing.
but more than a few weeks to do it.

i didn't take any photos during.
just painted and replaced the fabric.
i kept all the inside stuffs.

is it the best bench/setter thing in the whole wide world?
no, not really.

is the new upholstery job better than the previous?
light years.

it was my very first time making piping. it was kinda fun actually.
i used this and this tutorial for help.

it was one of those tasks that scared the you-know-whats off of me until i made myself do it.

made some green velvet pillows for it and now i quite like it.

it's now going to live at my dining room table.

we have a settee at the kitchen table (which is next on the list for some re-up) and now we have one for the dining room.
so comfy.

whatchya think?
at least better, right?
and certainly worth $12!



  1. this is amazing! if you find me on you porch looking for an upholstery lesson, don't be alarmed :)

  2. What do I think? I think you did a FANTABULOUS job & it is absolutely stunning! I love it!