Monday, November 14, 2011

oh oh oh!

why why why couldn't i have seen this before my post this morning?

i love this blog and if you like going to or hosting the part-ay's, you should check it out. loads and loads of ideas.

melanie, from you are my fave events, posted these printable (read: free for you and me) invites for a fall party. mixing that gingham plaid with green envelopes and craft paper = fall party perfection.

says melanie: "The combination of craft paper and plaid will have your guests hurling their axe and brushing up on their taxidermy skills in no time."

i concur.

click here and here to print these off for yourself! there's still time for a fall fiesta.

sidenote: have you seen the marshmallow flavored vodkas out there? do you or do you not think this would be nothing short of delicious mixed with a little hot cocoa? my thoughts exactly.

have a party and send an invite my way :)


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