Friday, November 11, 2011

kansas city love.

i love our small big city.
big but still small enough where you get that feeling.

we recently (a few weeks ago... i've been meaning to post but i just kept forgetting!) got a kate spade ny store on the plaza.

it's nothing short of her spunky-colorful-characteristics they've been known for in the past few years.

these are a few photos from the grand opening.
they were shot by lemonlime photography, who actually shot joanna's wedding elle and i were in.
small big city.

i haven't had the chance to make it in there yet.
did you know kate spade was born and raised here?
she also shares a sister-in-the-bond bond with elle and i. yep. i still say that 6 years after i graduated. {can you say lame? i can and i'm ok with it :)}
small big city.

happy friday.


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  1. I went to the grand opening event for this! It was fun and crowded! This store is so energizing. Here's my recap post:

    Yay to KC. Next grand opening...H&M!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies