Thursday, November 3, 2011


i think animal art is a quirky and fun way to introduce a little
of the natural into our lives.

i have a collection of some of my favorites for you below.
each is awesome for it's own reasons, but any one could hang in my living room... or on the walls of a nursery. versatile little suckers.

this one, from beauchamping on etsy,
i love for the mix and variety of animal silhouettes. and the little human guy at the end.

this one, from banquet,
i particularly enjoy because of where these animals hail from.
they aren't the kind we see in our own backyards. and most of them can't even be found at the zoo!

"bye buddy. hope you find your dad."
it's mr. narwhal up in the corner?
buddy the elf?

ok. moving on.

she's a regal little lady, no?

i think i may have even posted this one on here before.
i love.

these 4 are graphic and charming and beautiful.
all from here.

i saved the best for last.
but see what i mean? anywhere in your home, these can find a home.
from sharon montrose @ the animal print shop.

these 2 little guys are my fave or hers:

artistic animal photog.
and for really really affordable prices.

i like nature.
i like the way nature was designed.
i may have said it before but God was quite the creative.
think i may have to get one or seven.


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