Tuesday, November 15, 2011

so much more...

pendleton has so much more than the blankets we all know and love.
i didn't know this until the other day reading the new lonny.

american indian flair was/is really popular this fall.

what better way to bring some of that into your home than with pendleton?
especially as we're gearing up for thanksgiving.
thanksgiving and american indians go together like pumpkin and pie.

for example:

thanksgiving turkey would taste better off of this platter :)

salt and pepper shakers.
i am from kansas after all.

these were found in lonny.
mixed in with my plain everday dishes... delicious.

mix one set of these with some more modern and plain glasses or goblets and again, delicious.

and i want this if only for pancake breakfast purposes only.
how stinkin cute pouring syrup?!

yep. so right. so cute. {thanks photoshop}
kinda reminds me of girl scout camp when i was 8.

these tartan plates would make a merry christmas dinner table.

who knew?

go here for the usual blankets, but for more home goods, too!


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