Monday, November 7, 2011

lady powers.

at least that is how i feel when wearing my new lipstick.

it's not that new anymore but the feeling still feels new.

see. i am an eyeliner and mascara girl. as in eyeliner. and mascara. that's it. special occasions or really bad dark circles warrant the use of concealer.
but lately!
for the past few months i have also been seen sporting this:

maybelline (as in from wal-mart) fuchsia fever 140.
i.e. the hottest-but-still-beautiful bright pink lipstick on the market.

i didn't find it on my own. it was recommended by sydney of the daybook blog (my girl crush), who just had her first little baby. so adorable. her fashion blog is also pretty adorable... and she cracks me up.

this lipstick, albeit bright, goes with anything i'm wearing. and
since i've never been a big lipstick wearer, i still only do so for parties, or big meetings, or dates with husband... or any time that i want to fancy up a boring and plain outfit...
like: shoot-we're-out-of-rice-but-i-need-it-for-dinner-but-i've-already-changed-out-of-my-real-clothes-and-into-sweats-but-i-really-do-need-to-go-to-the-grocery-store... voila. swipe some pink on and now they're fancy sweats :)

it makes me walk a little taller and feel a smidge more confident.
powerful stuff.

and i don't think there is a limit on when or when not to wear pink lipstick. summer, fall, winter, spring. i think you can rock it. my grandma has been doing so since before i was born. {she loves that i've embraced her hot pink lips and that too, makes me smile}

plus, it's kinda fun for holiday parties.

know what i mean?
anything give you that powerful lady feeling?


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