Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the goodwill.

i love the goodwill.
do you have to dig through piles of junk that is kinda filthy? usually. do i find something every time i visit? not even close. is it the thrill of the hunt? is it the joy in paying almost nothing for something awesome? yep and yep.

people give away some really good stuff, you guys. and by shopping at the goodwill, you are in fact, giving your money to a good cause. so shop on. just don't go to mine and steal the good stuff!

its rare for me, but eddie ross finds amazing finds, worth alot of pennies, all the time. he's my inspiration.

i just got these on friday and i think he'd approve.
(i lunch at the goodwill sometimes... and then actually eat lunch at my desk.
just to see what they have.)

this time, i win.

i got 13 (odd number but i'm ok with it)
dainty fire king milkglass tea cups.

they all had a price tag on them for 0.00.
so when i got to the cute girl with amazing hair (not kidding) working at the front, i joked that they were free. she looked at me seriously, said, "no sorry. not free, but i can give them to you for .49 cents."

.49 cents a piece is kind of a joke.

if i have 59834 tea cups already (which, although i told you i hoard dishware, i don't. yet.).... i would still have purchased these for .49 cents.

then i picked up a cute set of 6 of these sorbet cups.

they were .99 cents each.
and i might drink champagne out of them, too.
they could pass for a cute little coupe... with glass balls around the bottom.

i love both of these things.

and my mom, who was with me, she gots tons of stuff, too.

it was by far the best luck i've ever had at the goodwill, ever.

they're my sickness.


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  1. haha, makes me think of that new song, Thrift Shop: