Friday, February 1, 2013

flowers for friday #131

aren't these shmancy black pansies amazing?
i didn't know there were black pansies. it would make a dreamy wedding bouquet.

about yesterday,
i didn't mean to alarm anyone! i am going to make it, honest :)
i just feel like this blog of mine is all sparkles and rainbows and sometimes i'm not always feeling the rainbows, so in a vein of honesty, i couldn't blog about the sparkles and rainbows.... but life is good you guys. we're just playing a waiting game on a few issues that hopefully will turn out peachy and then i'll get to tell the world. i'm praying!

until then....

and honestly, thank you for your texts and emails.
i've said it before, you guys are the best.
you all put a smile on my face.

i hope you have a splendid weekend.
i have lots of painting and photography and crafty business to tend to this weekend. so it'll keep me busy.



{pansies from martha stewart}

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