Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i told you at the beginning of january that i was going to start posting more of my house projects. i was always a little hesitant to post them because 1- its my house and my project, and people on the internet can be mean little suckers. but 2- if i didn't have a huge whole kitchen gut-job reno to share, i wondered if my little one-afternoon-one-tube-of-acrylic-paint small project even mattered enough to share.

but i'm over all that :)

the blogs i like reading the most are the ones that share their projects, big or small.

so here's a very very small one i recently did.
but the little things add up, so one small project at a time is the way my house is becoming my home.

this is the walkway between my dining/living room and my den.
we spend 99% of our time in the den.

so we walk by this approx. 59 times a day.

this little parrot, my mom scored at home goods for $15.99.
it's resin but painted in a faux wood finish.

(don't mind the gatorade... i actually took this photo when i was stuck at home with the flu and i was re-hydrating. and don't mind my sewing machine, its permanently out on the dining room table because i've been making dolllllllllls!)

this bird wasn't as awesome as it could be, as is.
it was purchased to end up at our lake house.
so i was going to spray it high gloss white, sorta like the ones zgallerie was selling awhile back.

but it got placed on my bar cart, and i liked it there, and so i'm not going to let the lake house have it.
sorry, mom :)

for my house, the high gloss white... i wasn't sold.

so i lived with it for months with various different color ideas.
finally i was at joann fabric store and bought this:

martha stewart satin craft paint in "cloud".
i love this color so much, i'm contemplating having it color matched and re-painting my dark navy blue room. almost sold on the idea.
it's a great blue, but not baby-blue, with a little green and grey in it.

so i got to painting.

i painted the whole thing this shade of blue.
and when i was finished, it was cute but i liked it about as much as i did when it was 'wood'.

so i grabbed some black acrylic paint from my stash, i picked the flat finish, and painted the base.

now, i'm obsessed.

bluebird is better.

the bar cart is from a thrift store downtown, called good juju.
my mom also snagged that for me when i first moved in our house.

the polka dot paper was done on a whim 2 christmases ago.
its just wrapping paper under the glass.
and after christmas was over, i liked it so much i've kept it.

one project down.

one hundred million more to go.


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  1. very cute... i like the little projects just as much as the big ones being posted. keep em' comin!