Thursday, February 7, 2013

polka dot glitter cookies

i feel like the last 8 things i've purchased have been polka dotted.
i'm kinda having a moment with them.
glad the rest of the world is, too.

don't look now, but i'd love to do this to our second bath:

love it in every way. very tempted.

moving on.

i wish i had more time. i'm sure you all feel that way, and i don't even have kids yet!
by the time i get home from work i feel like i'm just going to bed to get up and do it all over again. but if i had like 2 extra hours a day to get the stuff i have to get done, to then do the stuff that i want to get done....

i'd make these:

polka dot cookies!
in neon and neutrals!
with sparkles!

they're like little gems of all my current favorite things rolled into a sugar.

you can find the recipe here.

a random, yet happy thursday.
happy thursday, friends.



  1. yes to the bathroom!!! and the polka dots on the ceiling is a must, it just makes the room.

  2. thanks for the courage laura!!! i'm so tempted. and i'd totally go all the way over the ceiling... it's the best part i think :)