Monday, February 4, 2013

is it spring, yet?

because i got my spring clean on.
and its just want you wanted to read about on monday morning, right?
how i clean?
prob not, but too bad.
because it made me feel very very good about myself and my house. well, so far, just my kitchen. but one room at a time.

and my house is officially "toxic-gross-cleaner" free.
i have used them up and will not purchase any more. ever.

i've scratched the surface about how i've been slowly kicking chemicals out of my house and my food and my morning routine before. you could read more here and here, and i have lots more changes/updates but that's another day.
this was the last phase and i'm never going back.

so what do you do? you ask.

i use baking soda, peroxide and vinegar.

that's it.
read about all you'll ever need to clean your house, here.
it's where i finally got the kick in the pants to get this done.
now or never.

and with just these two things, i got my kitchen cleaner than it ever has been.
(i used the vinegar on the hardwood floors.)
all done with minimal effort and time.
yep. and ZERO toxic chemical smell or health hazards for me. my husband. my dog.
(2/3 of those things are used in food!)

first i went to the grocery and bought all new bottles of all 3.
i had some of each, but i wanted these to be kept under the sink for the sole purpose of cleaning.
they were around $2 each, give or take.
then i stopped by the section where they have all the travel sized shampoo and toothpaste, etc.
they had empty spray bottles for $3, so i got 2 of those (making sure they'd fit on my vinegar and peroxide bottles.)
i also got a sponge, which i hate for their bacteria hosting skillz, but it was made of all plant products... and i used it in the kitchen for a deep clean, and now i'm going to use it to clean the bathrooms tonight and then toss.

when i got home, i got started.

i have quartz countertops and i just sprayed them down with peroxide and wiped them up with paper towels. sprayed the window with it. wiped with a paper towel, sparkling. on both the counters and the windows, not a streak to be found.

then i moved onto the kitchen sink.
its stainless steel and always feels a little dingey to me.

i sprayed it down with peroxide. let it sit for a few minutes.
then sprayed again and sprinkled some baking soda all around, on both sides.
i used an old kitchen scrubber to... scrub.
rinsed with water, and it shined like i haven't seen it in the 3.5 years we've been living there.
entirely gross and amazingly awesome at the very same time!

then i moved to the appliances.
they're all white thus they get a little dingey, too.
it happens when cooking grease and junk and hands and dirt combine and its inevitable.

clorox kitchen clean-up, which is what i used to use, never got that legit grime junk off.

this did:

i put a little baking soda on a plate.

then i sprayed it down with peroxide.

then i pre-sprayed the area i was focused on with peroxide, smooshed this stuff into my sponge and went at it... it doesn't even take serious scrubbing. just a mild to moderate rub.

your paste will get a little dry so each time you re-apply it to your sponge, just spray it down with more peroxide. you'll have to rinse everything with a clean, watered down sponge or run it under water like i did with the knobs, to get the baking soda off once clean.

but this mixture, it got it. all. off.
i am so happy. i had high hopes, but was seriously not expecting this.

and this is the only before/after photo i have for you because i was on a roll and didn't think about doing this until the very very end. i wish i would have sooner. just for that gallon of satisfaction that it brings.

the inside of my microwave.

the (now) white handles on my fridge and freezer.

the entire surface of my gas range/stove.


i dare you to try it.



  1. Love this! I have been meaning to switch our cleaning products (mostly b/c of Lily), and this might be the boost I needed. Also, save your sponge! Just put in the dishwasher and it's disinfected for a few more uses.

  2. Or put the sponge in the microwave...not sure how long
    Kills most bacteria.

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