Thursday, February 28, 2013

best friends.

cafe au lait if you're fancy, or taupe.
french blue/robin's egg blue.

two great colors that go to the mountain of even greater together.
i had these thoughts of grandeur of re-doing my dark navy front room.
paint would be in these 2 colors. one for the ceiling, one for the walls. i hadn't yet decided which one was going to go where. but those grand plans involved painting a pretty large ceiling surface... and painting the ceiling in that large of a room can really put a damper in the way your neck feels, for days. so i'm kinda waiting for that spark of diy to hit again before i take on that large of a ceiling-paint-project :)
so i've stepped back.

and who knows, by the time that strikes, i may have changed my mind again.

this is one of my all time favorites. it was done by albert hadley. genius.
i'm in love. always have, always will be.

better homes and gardens. lighter colors than i'd go but still quite pretty.

domino. duh.

an actual french, french blue. so pretty with the natural stone.

from theonewholooks tumblr.

i just think it's the cat's meow.

and do you know what i mean about painting a ceiling? or am i a total wimp?


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